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As Saffroniaa

Released April 2016

Otherworldly and sensual, JusMoni’s solo release As Saffroniaa is dreamy, sultry intergalactic make-out music, washed in infinite hip-hop reverb. JusMoni’s sweet and tender voice calls to mind classic jazz divas while also sounding uniquely not at all like any of them. (“Saffroniaa” is a character from a Nina Simone song who is trapped between two worlds.) I love the extensive vocal sampling and the bubbling, gurgling beats throughout, including some fine work from producer 10.4 ROG, who also contributed sensational production to Jarv Dee’s The Red Eye Jedi this year. Close readers will note that JusMoni herself has been a key contributor to a few of my other top records this year, including those from Porter Ray and Tay Sean.