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Hoodie Season

Released November 2016

It’s time to shine serious praise toward Hoodie Season, a ten-song record from Tacoma rapper Noo. This album has an effortless sound that comes from intense hard work—hours in the studio getting every note right—but comes across with the ease of a freestyle storyteller. Opening with the addictive “No Chorus,” you’re led through a set of nuanced and catchy meandering stories punctuated by abstract loops. Example: The hella great, deceivingly simple, beats on “Reckless.” If I had to provide a reference point, Hoodie Season is the unlikely blend of Porter Ray and Sam Lachow. This is my current favorite record. Noo’s output is prolific, however, so maybe there’s a new favorite on the bubble. Lately, he’s been releasing a new song every week. Great illustrative paste-up cover art.

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