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Rap Loops II

Released June 2016

It took me a quite a while to digest OCnotes’ epic 85-track instrumental opus, Rap Loops II, but it was time well spent. After the first few listens, I was inspired to text a few dozen friends: “Holy shit, you gotta check out Rap Loops II. I love where it kicks into high gear around track 23, ‘Pop Lockers, Breakers, & DJs 121 BPM.’” (A testament to the work that I was this excited almost 25 songs in!) Talking with OC himself at Havana, he said this two-hour album is intended to be experienced in a single sitting, taking you on a long journey, like a classical symphony, though ebbs and flows and highs and lows. And let me tell you, it delivers. Mostly instrumental, the last dozen tracks show the rap loops in context, with verses overlaid from Rik Rude, Porter Ray, Eff Is H from Kung Foo Grip, and others. Because of its length and breadth and depth of ideas, Rap Loops II is quite possibly the most ambitious and daring hip-hop record of 2016.

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