Hard Shells by The Hollerables


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The Hollerables are comprised of Grammy nominee, producer, and rapper Amos Miller, and all-around cool dude Jaesun Easton (aka Smurf).

The two make some very catchy, smart, throwback ’90s boom-bap with all-original analog gear and 16-bit samplers. They’ve garnered a well-deserved cult following as the result of two self-released projects (one on cassette and one on vinyl), each with amusing food packaging cover art that alludes to their “snackable” raps.

Crane City Music is thrilled to announce that we’ve obtained 20 rare copies of The Hollerables vinyl release, Hard Shells. This was one of our absolute favorite projects of 2019, and we’re sure you’ll love it, too.

The record is eight cuts of rap conversation between Amos Miller and Smurf, as if they’re kicking it on your couch, passing around them tickling brain munchies: “Do dinosaurs exist?“ “Are aliens real?”

Vitamin D mixed and mastered this record, and deftly assists by scratching the turntables, too.

Flip over the “taco shell yellow” vinyl, and on the B-side you’ll find eight more tracks, all-instrumental versions of each of these very solid tunes.

Check out The Hollerables animated video for the single “Things I Think About,” brilliantly created using Apple’s iPhone Animoji avatars.