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If you would prefer to purchase this record directly from DoNormaal, you can do so through her website.

  • The third record in the Crane City Music collection (See the whole collection)
  • Only one pressing of 750 copies, released on May 29, 2018. Once these are sold out, they’re gone for good
  • The online streaming smash is finally available on limited-edition vinyl for the first time
  • Four-sided double album pressed on 140g clear and black vinyl and individually numbered
  • Extensive liner notes written by DoNormaal’s mom
  • Original cover art by Los Angeles photographer Ivan Mršić
  • Specially mastered for vinyl by Adam Gonsalves (Telegraph Mastering)

SoundCloud sensation Third Daughter by Seattle hip-hop artist DoNormaal is finally available for the first time on vinyl. This 19-track project became a runaway success in the summer of 2017 when it was first released independently online. Since then, it has amassed accolades and album-of-the-year nods from national and local publications such as Bust magazine, Vice, The Fader, i-D, KEXP radio and The Stranger.

Third Daughter has now been pressed on limited-edition, deluxe double vinyl. It is the third record in the Crane City Music collection, a library of the hottest recent hip-hop albums from the Pacific Northwest on wax. (See the whole collection here.) This single pressing is limited to 750 clear and black vinyl copies, each one individually numbered, in a package designed by DoNormaal herself, with liner notes written by her mom.

Third Daughter breaks the traditional rules of hip-hop, one irresistible hook at a time.” —CNN’s Parts Unknown

“DoNormaal’s voice is unique: it slurs, falls, and bubbles out of her mouth like a water fountain. It’s simultaneously creepy and vulnerable, intimate and jarring. Beneath the trap drums and SoundCloud synths, the free flow of confessions, memories, regrets, odes, and anxieties slowly becomes something monumental: the portrait of a young woman in flux.” —i-D magazine

Third Daughter plays unlike anything else we’ve ever heard: the soundscape is a singular blend of hip-hop, grunge, nursery rhymes, layered melody, horror-core, electronica, and southern trap. In a single song, she’ll worry about her sisters, bemoan the oppression of capitalism, examine her place in society as a woman of color, and fight her depression, all with a secret smile.” —Vice.com

Third Daughter is a special record, a crazy combination of psychotherapy and flexing. DoNormaal wins at games nobody else is playing.” —Mass Appeal

In her own words, DoNormaal describes the album as a fairy tale of “a quiet black princess held hostage by the internalized shame of the world.” Indeed, few albums have as much to say about our present, turbulent times—these years of protests and rebellion, of identity, race, and responsibility. Blistering with confidence and clarity, this remarkable record demonstrates why DoNormaal is one of the brightest lights in hip-hop today.

“DoNormaal’s music pulls together driven, rhythmic vocals with swirling, abstract vibes with a drop of Seattle grunge in there, too.” —The Fader

“One of Seattle’s most electrifying talents. The music sways against DoNormaal’s sometimes woozy, sometimes chant-like flow, against a backdrop of unpredictable rhythms and spacious, pensive beats.” —KEXP radio

“ALBUM OF THE YEAR. An ambitious artistic declaration of purpose: Stealthy, funny, complex, and unwieldy. This is an LP that wants to be heard. And you definitely want to hear it.” —The Stranger